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About my gigs no one giving me work

Help me to start work. no one giving me work. help me to

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it seems like your account is gone???


i checked the same thing not sure though

Check this out:
for how to get orders.

Think it has and the like from the OP seems to confirm that!

This is considered as spam. You need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig if you want help.

why thank you for your help

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I am new help me to get work

You don’t appear to have an account.

you can start your own post in the section “improve my gig”
wish you luck.

I"ll try it. Did it work?

zeus you are right. I’ll try to get writing skills.

To the OP: Do NOT send me ( or other people) a message asking for work, it is considered spam.

You need to keep in mind that you EARN work, it is not given to you.

I’m sorry there is no nice way to word this, but unless you have the right skills
and understand how business work, it will be quite impossible to be successful here.

Also, I am not a bro.
You might want to be careful with how you address people.