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About my info(Mehedi hasan)

I am mehedi hasan, i am in fiverr since last 6 months , i have worked 11 orders , but now i am not getting any , help me guys , i am a microbiologist, i like to work as a VA , any kind of data related work i can do

I don’t know what a va is.

You say you are micro biologist
Your profile title is: I Am A Technical Writer

your gigs don’t address either of those points

you also offer graphics design, which seems to have nothing to do with microbiology, technical writing or data science.

I would get rid of the graphics design article… create a technical writing gig (or change your profile title)

and create more data specific jobs. converting pdf? people really pay for that? there are free apps everywhere. I would drop that and create gigs that show off your real abilities

also, your online assistant gig is too generic, I think. should be more specific

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A VA is a virtual assistant, kind of like a secretary. :wink:

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My real life work is as a microbiologist, but in virtual lyf i want to be a good alrounder

Before doing microbiology job , i did many data related works for my study fees

I want to be the best , let me know , what i need to do

I think most people find success by creating gigs that are directed at specific niches, and having one or two “generic” gigs… but it helps for there to be a definite theme and cohesiveness between your gigs, and your entire profile.

if you are a microbiologist, why would you want to do services for just anything? and if you are a technical writer, why not promote that service? or change the profile so it says more about what you do here

Thanks for your advice , i will modify my gigs , thanks for your tym