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About my order’s result


So i’m an active user in fiverr but my last order is way worse than i expect and want. Is there any possibility of refund? I mean i’ll spend my money here again but for the first time my order was really bad. Help me as possible as you can please.


Yes, you do get refunds on fiverr. You can contact the customer care for more. Where there any quality issues?


On my last order. Actually there is not a big problem but quality of beats and sounds are way different than i told. I requested modification because i don’t want to rush about that. If resoult will be same again i have to request refund. Thank you for helping.

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You do get refunds here, but it is written in the TOS that orders are not refunded based on quality of work. But you can get you refund if seller didn’t deliver something from his gig description. (That’s as for the customer support)

Hopefully revision will make it better, and you can request as many revisions as included in your order. You still can ask seller to cancel the order and he might choose to agree for that without reaching support

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If you cannot resolve the matter with the seller here is the link for Customer Support:

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Hi again. My order’s revision has reached me and i liked the first job but second didn’t seemed much changed and i really didn’t liked it and told my seller that if he can make totally different type beat. By the way, on my order it says unlimited revisions. After that he accused me of trying to get free beat and that means stealing. I want my money back. Please help me as soon as possible. Here is what he says and i don’t want to rate 1 and go away. I want my money. I don’t liked the job and i’m not gonna use his anything. Maybe he is not trying to say that but he obviously saying that he is not gonna work on my order anymore.

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You need to contact Customer Support. This is forum, and it’s buyers and sellers here, not Fiverr employees. Nobody on the forum can give you your money back.