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About my profile and gig

June 19th my gigs has lost their rank, I don’t know why, I do marketing my gigs every day, and I’ve done it before, and good news is that from 8th july i got my every gig on previous place, each gig was ranked automatically on their previous place, but from 23th july start same case, every gig lost their link from 23th july 2020,

I have seen many of my seniors lose their gig rank, but they have lost 1 or 2 gig rank, but in my case I have lost all gig rank,

Please let me know what I can do right now. Why it could be?
My every gig is online and they are lost their rank , ( now my every gig in last page)

NB: I do marketing every day and I don’t copy anyone’s gig, I don’t spam, I don’t have bad reviews on my profile, and I don’t get any warnings.
Please Help me

Thank you

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