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About my profile

someone please tell me my fiverr profile is accurate or not?

Hii dear. I went through your gigs. I would suggest you to install the grammarly extension on your web browser and check your gig description in that, there seem to be few grammatical errors in it. 2nd:- your delivery time for basic gigs should be more than your premium gigs and add gig extras as well. 3rd Please Please do not sell a 500 word article for $5. It is way too cheap. You will be exhausted writing a 500 word article and the reward will be $4 (20% is taken by fiverr). In that scenario, you may end up delivering substandard work and might get negetive reviews. Another thing, put your ORIGINAL face on the display picture and make a banner as well with it and make it your primary picture. Clients wont order unless they see an original person. 4th- complete your gigs, add faqs, properly structure your gig requirements(there may be a client who would order rightaway without even contacting you, be prepared for that). And lastly, improve your English skills. There seem to be a lot of language mistakes in your profile, correct them.

Thank you so much for all these suggestions, i will apply it thank u:)