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About my question


I want to 5 star review from buyer . It is good or bad, please say somethings dears.


This seems like an odd question. Nonetheless, I’ll attempt to answer it…

A 5-star review is good. You want 5-star reviews. I’m not entirely sure, though, why you have to ask.

1-star bad; 5-stars good.

Does this answer your question?


Besides @jonbaas’s answer, I would recommend that you don’t force your buyer to leave you a 5-star review, as that is not allowed. If your buyer wants to give you a rating, they will do it.

However, some buyers will not review their orders. In that case, you could ask your buyer to rate you if they liked your work, just don’t ask for a specific rating (don’t ask them to give you 5 stars). Just tell them to rate your order if they liked your work or found it useful/helpful.


Bro, I Dont usually say Buyers to give me 5 Stars, but I just Say ’ if you like my job then Can you please Give me Some Good feedback/Review , your Rvw may can get me Some more Clients/buyers.

may be One time i Ask for 5 Stars to a Buyer i Dont really Remember. just for One time, is this Harmful for my Profile?

thanks, Your Reply help me for Future, i even Dont known about this Rules , Now i got it,
thanks again.


You can also read the Fiverr rules here, in their Terms of Service:


Asking for specified reviews or suggestive requests are frowned up not only inside Fiverr, but anywhere in the outside world as well.
It a an improper work etiquette, and should be avoided at all costs.
Rest assured, if you are good at what you do, you need not bother about the reviews. They’ll keep on pouring all by themselves.


You want 5 Stars reviews, I want 5 Stars, Everyone wants 5 Stars but guess what, it depends on QUALITY work. :smirk:

Best Quality Work = 5 Stars :sunglasses: