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About my services ( facebook likes )


i made a service to add real facebook likes to your page

it’s my first sale here what do you think about it it’s a desired service or not?

I think it’s a good idea!!

thank you for the encouragement


Hi there

Are you aware that you are posting your topics in the wrong category?

It should be in “Fiverr FAQ/Conversations” or it will eventually be deleted

Please make changes to avoid being banned from the forum or account suspension

p.s. you can check similar gigs of that kind to see how they are doing to fully access if it’s a feasible gig or not.


If you wish to advertise Facebook likes as a service you have 2 risks up front. I think you already have a gig like this so risk #1 you have avoided so far. Paid facebook likes are against 3rd party (Facebook) Terms of Service no matter how “real” they may be advertised as. If a buyer purchases your service and gets their account suspended they may not be too happy. If FB notifies Fiverr about their concerns, the gig will be deleted and you will lose associated benefits.

Second, social media likes/followers/favorites are generally against the editorial focus of Fiverr. If you are lucky enough to land anywhere in search results with this gig, it won’t last. Sooner or later the gig will be dropped from search and/or denied.