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About Negative feedback

Hello everyone ,

I have a problem. If I do order in good quality(Delivered files = customer needs) some buyer can gave a negative feedback. Can I remove that in I informing CS. That is a big issue.

Delivered files = customer needs

Good day!


Do not contact CS to remove your review. It will get you a warning on your account!

I am on my phone so I can not attach the link that speaks of it. But if you search :mag: for “Asking for Reviews, This is what CS said.” You will see copies of the messages I got concerning even mentioning Reviews to CS.


Of course you can’t not remove that review. You delivered something and you might think you delivered everything what client asked but the reality might be far from your view and happy client will never leave negative review. Everyone allowed to share their own experience even if you don’t agree with it and even it has bad impact on your profile.

And just to highlight: great work will never be rated negatively. If it is then you indeed made something wrong even if you don’t see what.


I found the link. This is why you should not contact CS about a review.


Lol. That’s ridiculous, I got a bad review just because I asked for an extension due to a technical glitch. She accepted and then blamed the delay on missing a deadline I never knew about nor was my issue.


Yes, but it is what it is.


That’s definitely not the way you need to look at this if you dislike negative reviews.

What about the customer journey?
How you managed the order?

The client is not after a single file.

They need to accomplish something and they are trusting you to help them.


Do you mean technical glitch on fiverr or on your side?

Technical glitch is also part of the delivery,

Well, if she placed an order and you asked for an extension you are technically moved and missed original deadline.

But as @vickiespencer said it is what it is.
Always account your delivery times not only for work but also for any unexpected force majeure.


Feedback/reviews doesn’t depend on the delivered files but it do include other factors as well such as (visible to seller)

  • Communication With Seller
  • Service as Described
  • Buy Again or Recommend

Please remember that Fiverr ask for private feedback from buyers too which isn’t visible to sellers.

Good Luck!!

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