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About negative rate

Hello, please i’m asking if i cancel an order with negative rate, is the negative rate will disappear ?

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if you cancel order buyer cant leave a review
and if you are too much late on delivering order then order will be automatically cancelled giving you 1 star with “failed to deliver on time” written

I’m asking just because i already recieve the negative rate, i’m asking if i cancel the order and the buyer accept the cancelation does the rate will removed or not ( that have no relation with late deliver no )

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are you asking about does your order complition eate will affect ?

Here is the rate and the cause of it, i’m asking if i canceled the order the rate will go or not ?

No - once an order has been completed, the review can’t be removed by refunding the buyer.

Please remove your screenshot - thank you! :sunny:

there is no way to cancel it now after she gave you review

Once you received the review there is no option to delete it even from canceling the order.

But as far as i know buyer can edit the review one time.

So you can politely ask him to edit the review if there is no mistakes from your side

Also note when you uploading this kind of screen shot do not show the name of your customer

No, it won’t be removed.

Also, trying to exchange a refund for a feedback removal would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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you can do one thing if you ask buyer to contact customer support they can cancel the order

Not when it’s accepted and the review’s been left - very unlikely.


ok may be after review left it cant be cancel but if buyer didnt left a review then there are chances

If you got bad review then it can not be change only buyer can change the review again and if you are saying deleting the gig which has bad review then review can not remove from your profile