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About New account if already have account

Can I open a 2nd account in Fiverr from the same device and internet for digital marketing?
if I already have an account on graphics design?



Fiverr Terms of Service:


I know the TOS is a lot to read. I get it. When I first saw how long it was, I went yikes.
But please, seriously, I mean it, I’m tellin’ ya,
Read the TOS.

I’m assuming you read it a while ago when you first signed up,
but get yourself a cup of coffee (it’s gonna take some time for sure!), get a comfy
chair or sofa, and please read the TOS.


Agreed, but also read the linked sections in the ToS, too. Especially ‘Payment Terms’ and the ‘Community Standards’.

thanks, dear for your comment, I got it.