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About new byer and bad rating

I got a new byer and he give me a 3,7 rating i know it will help me to learn about more
but 3,7 rating says me you must have 90 % rating to send buyer request ,what will i do now if i did not send buyer req


You need to understand why your buyer only gave you 3.7. Too many sellers ignore valuable buyer feedback, and then act all surprised and hurt when they don’t get any more sales.

Your buyer said “not the best”. Why? When we look at your gigs we can see massive clues…

You have tried to recreate the Fiverr logo - but it actually says Fiber! You give your profile url - but it actually states fiver and not fiverr. Your translation gig states that all the packages include 0 words. And there are many, many more examples.

Your own marketing material is littered with errors. If you used the same lack of attention to detail with your client - no wonder they weren’t satisfied.

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