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About New Fiverr Portfolio Feature


I was just searching for something on Fiverr and came to know that Fiverr has something new in their gift box.
"The New Portfolio Feature."

Here is how it looks like.

I don’t know If I miss the announcement of this new feature or what. But can someone explain how to get it and use it? Because The portfolio is all I need. Behance etc is not allowed on Fiverr so this is I think Fiverr’s answer to a Portfolio.

Note: This is a Pro Verified Profile, so maybe that’s how the seller got this new feature. But I think we all need this feature.



The Portfolio Feature is currently available only for Pro Sellers and Top Rated Sellers.

So who ever has the portfolio option on their profile (Even for Level 0, Level 1,Level 2 currently) they are TOP RATED SELLERS or PRO SELLERS in the past. They might lost their Levels because failing to maintain stats or analytics.

P.S. I am a level 1 seller now (I lost my TRS and Level 2 because i was not able to maintain my stats because of some personal issues)