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About New Gig problem

I am New at fiverr . first 7 gig which i have created was in 1st place if i try to search with the keyword After create that gig and stay in first page for 2-3 day’s .

once i have deleted 1 low view gig and create a new gig … but was not get able by search with keyword.

Yesterday i have reached in level 1 … so i have create new gig … but same problem .it is not showing by search and no impression ,view … What is the problem with GIg?

Gig is showing active …
How can i solve the problem .

Please help me.

Reezel choyon

I created a new gig and it does not have any impressions although I have looked at it live dozens of times so it seems that the impressions are not recorded in real time. It must take time to be searchable and update the number of impressions so give it a week or two.

yap This problem has my gigs.

Still same condition in the gig with View,Impression, is still 0

yes.This problem have many sellers.

I am facing the same problem as well. My all gig statistics have been remaining unchanged for 6/7 days. I tried to seek fiverr support but no result was found.

I’m also new on fiverr and I’m experiencing the same thing, no impression for the past 7 days but I contacted customer support and they said it’s a bug that your gig is visible in search results but the bug id affecting the impression and views display. My gigs don’t come up at all when I search my keywords even in recommended and the new categories. can anyone help? I haven’t gotten my first sale though

Hello all,

I am also experiencing the same problems. Since I created my gigs, I have not gotten any impression. Let the customer service try fix this because it is getting out of hand.

Thank you all.

Hi I got in touch with customer service.
They say they are handling the issue, but my gigs impression is still at 0. (but I still receive orders) This could become annoying - as I don’t know where to focus my efforts.

I am facing a problem.
can anyone tell me what to do?
giving screen shot

You should read the stickied thread that’s at the top of this forum regarding impressions. It explains in detail on impressions, clicks, and views.

If you want the TL:DR,

Impressions don’t matter as much as clicks do.