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I am a new seller in Fiverr. Mainly I do background removing work. How can I get my first order from Fiverr?

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: Try active as much as possible and send buyer request daily

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Thank you brother for good suggestion.

welcome to the fiverr community.

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Thank you so much brother

stay long time active on fiverr, send buyer request and wait. you have to wait minimum 1 month to get your 1st order.

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You don’t “get orders from Fiverr”, you are hired by your target customers – the people who need your services. What actions have you taken to reach out and connect to those people?


Welcome to fiverr forum.
As you new.
So follow 3 step

  1. Try to active more
  2. Send buyer offer daily.
  3. Research your compititor gig

My gig is about background remove.

Great. But that doesn’t answer my question:


I share my gig in twitter,linkedIn and facebook. I send buyer request daily.

And are you connecting to your target customers on social media and in the buyer’s request section?

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yes. I try to connect my target customers by using these ways.