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About one of the customer's complain


I designed a business card for my one of the customer.He accepted it and he liked it very much.But finally he told in the printed card preview fiveer logo here.I don’t believe it. I thought he downloaded it in incorrect way.But he did it correctly.Finally he saw me the pic of the printed card too.That’s true.It show fiveer watermark.How it happened?Kindly explain someone please.Because it is not my fault.He also told it’s not my fault.But how did it happen?

I attached that image follow. This is very confusing thing I ever happened.


Did the buyer mark the order as complete and then downloaded the file. As in that case the fiverr watermark automatically disappears.


when buyer acccept order as complete after that he can download with out fiverr watermark


Yes.I also thought like that.But he said no.I think it’s his mistake know.Unfortunately he printed 250 cards already without testing one card.


Could you please delete your image? Your buyer may not want their details on here - thank you! :sunny:


Yes sure.I did it.I need to show what happened only.Thank you for remembering.


Well to move forward, since the order is marked complete now, you can forward the card to the client in fiverr inbox so that there is no watermark.

For issues like these, I have a pre-written text which goes like ‘Please do get a proof print done before you for the actual printing, to avoid any print related issues’. This might shift the burden from you if it is the client at fault.


Yes.It’s good idea.I also do that in future.Some buyers haven’t big idea about fiveer or designing software.So we need to tell something like that.Thank you for your idea. :blush:


You can also send this link to buyer who is not aware of the process -


He should download the files after accepting order as complete only than the fiverr watermark will not appear