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About Order cancellation help

Buyer mistakely gave 2 order. What can i do now. Do i have to contact support. Need help. Is order cancellation impect on profile or gig?


Were I you, I would contact Fiverr Customer Support to handle the cancellation for you. This way you can be certain it won’t affect your stats; and if the support agent doesn’t want to do it without hurting your statistics, calmly but firmly insist on it— thoroughly and concisely explaining why you are not in the wrong— until they agree.


Thanks for your reply

In my experience you just get put through to a supervisor who marks the ticket as closed and doesn’t let you reply to it and refuses to answer to you.

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My suggestions is contact support for this problem. They will help you.

I guess everything’s different for different people. Whenever they’ve tried to close the ticket, I open it again and continue to repeat what I need until they do something.

you can send request for the cancellation order

never accept buyer cancellation request , contact with customer support ,by CS cancel your order

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Yeah you do that and they close the ticket again and stop replying.

Oh, I hate that. Shame CS isn’t better about these things with some sellers. :-1:

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It will effect your order completion rate.

I was saying that it wouldn’t affect one’s completion rate if CS canceled it without penalty.

If CS doesn’t do that, then yes, it will affect one’s completion rate.

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After cancelling the order, the order completion ratio became 100% to 75%. Explaining this issue to support, they fixed it. Thanks All for your reply.

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