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About Order Cancellation

I have completed a Job as per Client’s Requirement for the Last 02 Days continuously communicate with the Client. But at the Last moment the Client wanted to Cancel the Order.

Please Give me the Suggestions what should I do? What is better Option for me?
It’s Urgent.

The Client Already Dispute the Order



I think you can cancel this order mutually. Otherwise, you may have problems.
Or you can contact with customer support, It’s better for you

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Thank you so much :smile:

If I contact with Customer Support then what will happen?
I nave no previous Experience about Customer Support.

Please Let me Know.

If you do not accept the disputed order, it will be automatically canceled after two days. Since the client has sent a request to cancel your order, I think you need to accept it. Because it is better for you to without arguing with the client. Okay if you have any more information you can contact the Fiverr CS team

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Thanks a lot Dear :blush:

If I cancel the Order, then will it be impact on Response Rate?

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As far as I know yes it will affect the response rate. If you can cancel one order for every 10 orders, your response rate will not decrease. But if you do not complete more than 10 orders, your response rate will be affected


You can search on any platform about that (how to contact support). You will get video or any instruction from here .

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You need to contact support and inform the buyer that you have delivered the order as requested and therefore they are not entitled to a refund in accordance with the TOS. Hopefully fiverr support will be helpful and will force complete the order on your behalf.

If support choses not to help you, you basically either have the the option to push back against the buyer and attempt to get them to accept the order, or you can cut your losses and give them the refund and take the cancellation. The one risk to trying to get them to accept the order, is it’s always possibly they will leave a bad review. So you have to assess the situation and the buyer and figure what you might be able to get them to do and what their reactions might be.

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We can not judge from this point of view and with information that we have. You didn’t even tell us a reason why your client requested a cancellation.

Myself I would’ve stand my ground and never cancel because one bad review wouldn’t even affect my stats.
However I do accept that for new sellers it will be better to cancel than getting a bad review.
We can’t see or know the quality of work you delivered even f you think you did everything “per client” requirements.

Keep in mind that support can not pressure or make clients to complete the order so most likely you will still have to communicate with your buyer yourself.

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