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About order completion

How does Fiverr calculate order completion rate?


Though it says “The Order Completion formula is the number of cancellations subtracted from 100% over the last 60 days total of orders, including buyer-initiated, seller-initiated, mutual cancellations and Customer Support.”.

Maybe that could be worded better because it isn’t really the “number of cancellations subtracted from 100%”. ie. it’s more like 100% - the percentage cancelled. So based on the orders from the last 60 days what percentage were completed (without cancellation).


Yeah, it sounds very weird.

It would be easier if they say just number of cancelled orders divided by number of cancelled + number of completed orders subtracted from 100%.

3 cancelled orders
27 completed orders

Total orders (100%) - cancelled/(cancelled + completed)*100 = cancellation ratio

Cancellation rate should be 100 - 3/(3+27)*100 = 90%


Or completion rate. Cancellation rate would be 10%

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Yeah, sorry, you are right

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