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Hello i got the order which cann’t understand what to do please some one may hel me .
the order is
" I want something just like, however, my logo should read
Consultow(5 small).
Driving Excellence into the Future through Workforce Development "

This is the wrong place to seek this kind of clarification. None of us here is the buyer, which means we may not also understand just like you don’t. I will advice you contact the buyer for more explanation so that you don’t fall out with him or her in the end.


What exactly you don’t understand here?
Buyer sent to you a reference of how they what their logo to look and gave you all the details to include on the logo.
Crystal clear.

However you might want to improve you level of English first to be able to work with your clients if even such a simple message made you confused.


Thank you for you guidance…

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You may clear it more!
How actually the Logo should be…

I May not.

They literally sent you a link with a logo example there.

But I would suggest for you to tell your client that you wouldn’t be able to do this job. Instead of promising something that you can’t make.


María, I’m so glad to see you have mastered the garlic lollipop mood. Now I don’t feel alone anymore! :sweat_smile: We should consider expanding the team! :joy:


[quote=“maitasun, post:7, topic:372524”]
the garlic lollipop mood.
[/quote]and what is that ? I also wanna join the team. Wherever @maitasun is I wanna be there :wink:

You must agree the brief is not really crystal clear :). And the link did not work (and he didn’t bother to google it). I know what he means, but only because I worked with clients like that. What we can help with is not tell him anything, he needs this experience :stuck_out_tongue:

“5 small” was funny.

A garlic lollipop is somebody who’s naughty or sarcastic, usually in a harmless way.

There was a user on this forum who believed @maitasun regularly ate lollipops made of garlic. He wasn’t the brightest, bless him!

I’d say stick one of those small tracking devices on her, but she’s so tiny, the device would probably be bigger than her. :wink:

OP, how are you getting on with your logo?


[quote=“ahmwritingco, post:10, topic:372524”]
the device would probably be bigger than her. :wink:
[/quote] a Tile would be bigger than her :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: still I would try

Thank you for the info

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[quote=“wptutorial, post:8, topic:372524”]
Wherever @maitasun is I wanna be there :wink:

@wptutorial, I hope not to sound harsh and I wish you don’t take the following wrong.

What @ahmwritingco was trying to tell you is that it is weird to tell a stranger you want to go everywhere that person goes - especially if that stranger happens to be a woman. It is very bad seen and can get you in trouble, serious trouble.

Maybe you didn’t understand @ahmwritingco’s comment, because it was said sarcastically and, perhaps, you don’t understand sarcasm. That’s the reason I’m explaining you.

You need to know where the line is in order not to cross it. You’re welcome to join us all when we party, fooling and joking around, and having good time between all of us, but you must be committed to know where the line is drawn. :wink:

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Of course of course it’s all in the spirit of good time and jokes. I do understand sarcasm, I hope you are not taking things seriously.

I’m sorry if I annoyed you in anyway :pray:t2:[quote=“maitasun, post:12, topic:372524”]
I hope not to sound harsh and I wish you don’t take the following wrong.


It’s OK, @wptutorial. In no way I’m annoyed. If I had been, you would have come to know, first hand, my garlic lollipop side. :grimacing: :wink:

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So did you make the logo? Was the client happy?

Why would I agree with that if I already said that it’s crystal clear??

It’s not funny it’s part of the brief :woman_shrugging:

This client knows for sure what they want and they were pretty clear. The only question I would’ve asked them are the colours that they want to go for. But even that is irrelevant if they want the logo exactly in the style of their attachment.

I see @ahmwritingco already joined our team :see_no_evil:


Wasn’t I in the team the moment I set up a Gofundme for your penthouse?

We still haven’t had any donations, but @Maitasun pledged $5. :grimacing:


:joy: I thought it was too sweet to be a garlic lollipop