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About order without discussion


I received an order without any discussion with the buyer. (

Buyer didn’t send me a message, directly ordered! I need to cancel it. If I cancel it, my level will be down?

Please I need to cancel it, because I did not discuss with the buyer…I mentioned in the ‘Additional information for buyer’, that first explain the requirement & order!


Sorry, but I had tons of those orders and everyone ended with a cancellation.

Contact Customer Support and tell me what happened and let them cancel this for you.

This won’t result in something hurting you immediately; anyway remember that every cancellation (even these ones) will affect your Levels eligibility…

So, in short, such orders hurt you; we are complaining with Fiverr team from a long time (you can find many threads about this) but nothing has changed yet…

Good luck :slight_smile:



I doubt one cancel will downgrade your level.

As far as expecting buyers to send messages before buying, that is unrealistic.

Buyers don’t read the fine print, never mind the top line all caps in my gig descrip.

It’s just something you have to deal with,

Good luck! :wink:


I agree with the comment above. Sometimes customers simply don’t understand the process.

Also try sending a message or “nudge” to the buyer requesting them to submit the required information.

However, you will need to go to your Resolution Center on occasion to cancel orders.