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About Payoneer $200 withdrawal bonus

So Fiverr and Payoneer have an offer to give you a $200 bonus if you withdraw over $1500 for the first time between 1-31 December 2019. My questions is this offer for only the people who withdraw for the 1st time ever, or also for people who have withdrawn before to payoneer before 1st December and will withdraw +$1500 another time.


Hi, I would also like to ask what is the update for this? Does fiverr and payoneer really give $200 bonus? I made a withdrawal worth of $1500 on December.

I contacted support, here was their answer:

The $200 bonus after withdrawing $1500 over Payoneer in December refers to users who’ve never withdrawn via Payoneer before. If you have withdrawn via Payoneer before, you need to withdraw $750 in order to be eligible to receive $150.

I believe they said they’ll send the money in 31st January.

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Hi, thank your for your answers. I’m just wondering if they will give it by cash or by credits?