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About Payoneer $200 withdrawal bonus

So Fiverr and Payoneer have an offer to give you a $200 bonus if you withdraw over $1500 for the first time between 1-31 December 2019. My questions is this offer for only the people who withdraw for the 1st time ever, or also for people who have withdrawn before to payoneer before 1st December and will withdraw +$1500 another time.


Hi, I would also like to ask what is the update for this? Does fiverr and payoneer really give $200 bonus? I made a withdrawal worth of $1500 on December.

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I contacted support, here was their answer:

The $200 bonus after withdrawing $1500 over Payoneer in December refers to users who’ve never withdrawn via Payoneer before. If you have withdrawn via Payoneer before, you need to withdraw $750 in order to be eligible to receive $150.

I believe they said they’ll send the money in 31st January.


Hi, thank your for your answers. I’m just wondering if they will give it by cash or by credits?

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Did anyone receive this bonus?
any idea why Fiverr didn’t give me the bonus? :frowning:

I didn’t receive it either! Let’s wait 2-3 days more.

I didn’t receive it too. I’m not sure what is the problem exactly.

I’m waiting to receive my bonus as well. Has anyone received theirs yet?

I think the people who withdrew to Payoneer for the first time got the bonus.

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I withdrew for the first time to Payoneer and didn’t get the bonus.

It was my first ever Fiverr withdrawal, was above the required amount, within the required time and to a new Payoneer account. No bonus for me.

I contacted Fiverr who said it wasn’t their problem as it is Payoneer who run the promotion. I questioned this since the Ts & Cs state it is Fiverr who run it, although haven’t heard back.

Not holding my breath for receiving the bonus to be honest.

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Didn’t get it either.

Did you receive it or do you know anyone who did?

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Didn’t received it as well. Looks like a scam.

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anyone contacted support for why we didn’t get the bonus?

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I signed up to payoneer in December 2015 to take advantage of a then bonus scheme. I never got mine. I’m pretty sure they don’t honor these promotions in the majority of cases. :frowning:

Guys, I’d like to give you an update. Got the reward on Feb 4!
Offer page says reward will be added to your Available for Withdrawal balance! But I got mine directly transferred to Payoneer.

So, make sure to check your Payoneer account and email inbox.


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I received my payment directly into my bank account today…

A little odd given the wording of the offer, but happy to have it all the same!


I have been trying to contact CS about this but they didn’t really communicate well about it.

So seeing the messages from other people saying they received the 200$, I just went to check on Payoneer and the money was sent to my bank account directly. Happy to did come through in the end, but the time frame and communication about the whole thing could have been improved! I never received an email though!

Update: I received mine in my Payoneer account after I contacted CS