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About Pinned Topics


You may have noticed that recently we have been pinning more topics than previously.

The reason is simply to highlight posts that are interesting, unusual, fun/funny, inspirational and/or useful to the community. The aim is to have new posts highlighted every couple of days for users to see fresh content. The community is growing with more and more people visiting more often and not just when they have a problem, we want to see that happen even more as the more people that engage with the forum, the more we can all learn and enjoy it.

In some categories, such as the Tips for Sellers, we tend not to change the pins very often but in categories such as Fiverr Experience, Conversations and Ranting Pot the average pin is for 3 days or so. This allows them to be changed regularly and so I would encourage people to post more topics in those.

Note that being pinned does not bring any benefits as such except for a couple of extra likes and comments. It does help your chances of being pinned if the topic is well written, laid out clearly with appropriate headings and paragraphs but they do not need to be “perfect English” as long as the point can be understood quite easily.

Stories about your experience, inspirational posts, interesting questions, topical issues and fun stuff and games are really what we are looking to pin on a short terms basis as these tend to be some of the most engaged with topics. Of course, if you have new tips and advice, these may also be pinned but they need to be fresh and original.


I think THIS :arrow_up: needs a :pushpin: with a note that:

###:warning: Pinned threads on the forum DOES NOT increase your chance of becoming a TRS.

Because spam will ensue soon enough.


And will achieve the opposite of being pinned :slight_smile:


Btw I did some research regarding Pinned Topics and have come up with conclusion that it is actually ineffective to pin threads.

This is the default settings on ALL member profiles:

So when i visit the forum This is how I see it as (notice the LACK of pinned posts):

I can click on “Latest” but still nothing:

Umm… so yea. The only things that are obviously static are the announcement bars at top.


I noticed that as well.

I couldn’t understand why there aren’t any pinned posts once logged on!


Yes, but the unpinning happens after the person has viewed it.
When something is pinned then it stops showing at the top when the user has seen it. This means that a lot of posts are only seen by those who are here every day, unless it gets a lot of comments. By pinning things, people have a better chance of seeing it. I still get notifications every couple of days about likes on a pinned post of mine even though it was posted in January whereas posts since then which are not pinned get little to no notice.


and I was the only one thinking why they unpin topics so fast Right after I scroll down. :rolling_eyes:
( Stoophead Me :sweat_smile:)


Ok, so i suppose the true test would be to NOT open an article, until it gets pinned, then to see if that remains on top until opened… right?


Yes, I guess so.
Or to look at the fact that few topics get over 20 likes on the OP without having been pinned or commented on 100+ times which is a small minority.


I wish I could see my poll but it has disappeared for me. edit: I found it.


The poll disappeared for me in the same way, misscrystal. It’s now back where it should be.