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About Positive rating

I create a fiverr account few months ago and create some gigs. But cannot continue because I do not know everything. Now my Positive rating is 0%. So, I cannot send buyer request. Please,help me how can I increase Positive Rating and can send buyer request.

You don’t seem to have any reviews?

how can I get reviews ?

you can get reviews after your gig sales. Suppose, i have bought your gig and sent you requirements. You should complete the task and deliver this order. After deliver, I will able to accept it and give you 5* feedback.
Hope you understand

You have to find a way to get this off the ground. Buyers requests are OK, but are not the answer to the problem. You need to promote on social media, connect to people on the forum and get your name out there. It is a really competitive market for what you do, so think about how you can look different to the hundreds of other Photoshop editors on Fiverr.