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About positive rating!

I have 105 positive ratings (all 5 stars) and just 1 negative rating, will my positive rating ever be 100% ?? it’s 99% now.

lol by defintion your rating can never be 100% if you have one negative rating :stuck_out_tongue: Instead of worrying about being 1% off you could focus on delivering the best service possible.

lmao :((

I do deliver the best service 105 five stars ratings with amazing reviews :>

1 negative rating a long time ago when I started, a chiness guy ordered a facebook page marketing gig, and when I was about to finish and deliver, he asked for cancelation to get the order and his money back X(

when I refused he gave me a negative rating and customer support actually allowed that =))

You just have to be patient! It takes forever to recover from a neg. rating.

Just focus on your work and great service and your number will be back to 100 before you know it :wink:

Hello For reputation in fiverr, if client not satisfied must be refund gig. its a better choice for build reputation in fiverr with 100% positive feedback :slight_smile:

just simple math :stuck_out_tongue:

1% of 100 is 1 and that is your negative review lol :smiley: if you can counterweight the negative rating then 100% is possible…

Good luck hope you crank the 100% positive milestone soon…

keep hustling, working hard and you will get there my friend :wink:



Focus on delivering quality work. Rating will improve eventually.

Sellers will not care about losing a couple of percent in ratings IMO, people are not daft they know that in reality it’s about feedback from other buyers, reputation and delivery of your recent work, that gives an accurate depiction of your work.

Never take it personally and stick to being professional, the rest will take care of itself