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About Profile and Gig


I have created my Fiverr account 1 month back. I am sending offer against buyer request but getting no order.

Here is my profile link. What should be changed and need to be included, Will anyone could advise me, please?


You are not the only one who send request. Maybe in that time 20,30,50 sellers send request for the same buyer like you, and buyer choose someone else.


Thanks for your opinion. But I actually wanted to know of my profile. Is there any lacking? Need to make any changes?


Keep sending requests and maybe someone hire you. You can send 10 requests per day, use it. :slight_smile:


It take some serious time, dedication and patience to get the work going here on Fiverr. Their are so many persons joining each day which creates more competition.
I suggest you to read the Forum Tips, and create more gigs.
and also read the terms and service and privacy policy of fiverr. That will definitely help you in many ways.
I got my first order on the 1st day of the 4th month. Just try your best.


Many thanks for the motivational message.


I forgot to tell you this. Like @iamsachmusic tells you. You need more gigs if you want more visible requests.

Requests depends on your gigs, if you have gigs for logo (example), you will be able to see requests only for logos.


Thanks, I understood.