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About profile and task


I have joined in fiverr 5 month ago but start working 1st August (found 1st task) and now i have completed 58 orders.

but not showing seller level two.Still i am in seller level 1.

What is the reason. This is my profile and i wanna do more and more task in fiverr.

If you like me then say your task.

Thank you

The 50 orders need to be within 2 months in a row. Not 50 orders all together. Hope this helps!

Reply to @misstarah: Yes when they say this,i completed 50 order before two month :frowning:

If you didn’t have 50 complete before October 1st then it doesn’t count to the levels.

Your profile shows 12 of those orders were completed in the last 10 days, meaning on October 1st you would only have completed 46 orders.

Reply to @kjblynx: #TheMoreYouKnow

There you have it @rakib19, contact Support about it and they’ll probably fix that up for you! Cool :smiley: