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About promoted gigs

First, I would like to apologize if I’m posting in wrong section.

I just want to ask about promoted gigs feature that has just launched couple days ago.

I tried to figure out why I didn’t receive an invitation for that feature, I already have a gig that I think meet all the requirements except for 1 last requirements.

Meet any additional metric.

Have anyone here knows, what is this additional metric? If anybody here would like to share their experience, I really appreciate that.

I really want to be participated in this feature as well.
Thank you and I’m sorry if this question has been asked before :pray:

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Check this out: Launching Promoted Gigs

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But I still can’t find out what is this “additional metric requirement”

Maybe it’s a hand picked like TRS?

Maybe mention it in the linked topic and read to see if it has been discussed.

Okay thank you @lloydsolutions
Let me try to read all the post in that forum.

Thanks for the help.

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