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Good day, Everyone

Please I want you to help me on the best platform which I can used to promote or drive traffic to buyers website or store.


Let me tell you what I do.

I have a website for my freelance business.

I promote myself there.

I also have a Google My Business page.

I DO NOT use any other form of social media to promote my freelance work simply because I find them useless for that purpose.

I hope that helps.


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What is the name of the website that you used

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Yes I need a site that I can used to drive or get real human traffic

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You misunderstood me.

It is my website, built to promote my freelance service.

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You shouldn’t use this thread to promote your service.

That is not answering the question.

You are not contributing to the conversation.

Alright, Thank you for your response

wow that’s great. I’m a new seller so your advice was really helpful for me .

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It’s not our job to do your work for you. New Sellers .... No Integrity .... No Success!