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About proof when delivered work?


Here my gigs:

What is my proof i can show when delivered work ? :frowning:


Reply to @musiclover: But i’m not take a screenshot before :frowning:


Take a screenshot of their subscriber count before, and then take another screenshot afterwards. Paste both images side by side, and save it as one jpg image. :wink:


Well the browser I use has a built in feature for that, but you can use the "print screen (prtscr) button on your keyboard. Then you’ll have to paste the image some place. I use photoshop, but you can paste it in a word document (I recommend submitting an image as proof though for “live portfolio” purposes) or use mspaint or some other free image editor.


Reply to @musiclover: But before this i’m not do this work :frowning:




Reply to @musiclover: How can I do now if before delivered work I’m not take screenshot on the Youtube channel of the buyer.


Ohhhh okay. I see what you’re saying. You already started, and didn’t take a screenshot of their previous count. Well just send them a screenshot of the total subscribers after you’ve added them. Or, don’t send anything. Just say click deliver work, and type, "Your order is now complete. I have added X subscribers to your Youtube Channel. Please verify by visiting your channel => [their url here]. If you have any questions, please send a regular message. If you are happy with my work, please complete this order by leaving a “positive” review. Thank you again for order! Your business is greatly appreciated. Happy Holiday! :slight_smile:

-[Your Name] "

Then click “submit”. When the box pop up, just click “ok”.


Reply to @musiclover: Thanks for your help ^^


You are more than welcome. Happy holiday!


Reply to @musiclover: Happy holiday ^^