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If any issue is resolved using the resolution centre, Does it have any effect on my Profile? Recently, being a new seller on Fiverr , I had to extend an order for an extra day which the buyer accepted. So being a noob, I had concerns about it . Would love to have a clarification.

CHEERS! everyone


No it won’t have any negative affect.


Hi there,
Although the mutual cancellations done through the resolution center affect your Order Completion Rate, Extending the Delivery Time of an order doesn’t affect your ratings or the profile. It is always better to extend the delivery time when you feel that you need some extra time to deliver the final work. Cheers!


no it have not any effect


Depends on how it’s resolved:)
Getting an extension thought should not be a problem


Thanks everyone:grinning: Really apprecitate it!


There is no problem with it. But you have to remember that any cancellation will affect on your order completion ratio. So, If you cancel any order via resolution center or mutually then again It will affect on your profile.

But If you extend any time or If you increase the price of the order, then there is no problem with it :slight_smile:


If buyer gets happy with what you ask, there will be 0 impact on the profile because you made a mutual agreement.