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About Response Rate

Hello Good People,
Last Few days I replied every message which I get from my client. I replied all messages within 1 hour.
But day by day my response rate decreasing.

I need to clearify from expert. Anyone give me some good suggestion how can I increase it?

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Contact the Customer Support, they will look into it and resolve any issues.


Response Rate is seller’s first response to a new message. But it is also important to continue responding to buyers until the conversation has ended, though the later messages are not a factor in the overall response rate.
So try to be online as long as you can and try to respond to new message as fast as you can. You may use Quick Response feature to quickly send a message and then proceed to chat taking your time.
If you respond within 5 mins you will see your Response Time will decrease drastically and if you keep on responding like this your Response Rate will increase also after some days as Response Rate factors the last 30 days of seller activity.

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Thanks you. I will contact with customer support

There could be two reasons.
First may be due to Internet connectivity issues(common in our part of the world) you did reply to a client but it was not sent although your mobile app did show it was sent at that time.
Second being someone send you a spam message and instead of reporting him you replied him