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Hello Everyone,
one of my client opened a dispute and texted me to accept the dispute, although my work is according to the requirements. so what will happen if i cancel the dispute or accept the dispute, did fiverr will interfere to resolve this issue.

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It can go in all directions.

You could lose money and get negative review, you could get negative review and keep your money, you could lose your money and get completition rate down after cancelation, everything is possible, and there is no standard behavior. It is case by case.

thank you so much Marianapomorac, but did fiverr will interfere to resolve this issue because I don’t wanted to get negative review.

It depends like I said.

Is your offer bullet proof? Did you make sure mandatory requirements are set in such way buyer can not say “I thought this that”.

Is your GIG description clear? Do you offer unlimited revision, money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction and similar nonsense?

All of this plays a role in customer service deciding in your favor.

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so if I cancel the dispute then I will only get a negative review.

Yes, and lose money.

You can cancel this order, It’s better for you. otherwise your client give you a negative feedback .
Best of luck

Overall, you have to take into consideration what is more important to you: not having a negative review, or losing the money. If it’s for a small amount, I would say to just cancel it and waste the headache this buyer will give you. However if it’s for a large amount of money, and you put a lot of time into this project, I would say to deny their cancellation. Be warned if you go this route, they could send a cancellation request over and over, which you should deny. Sort of turns it into a game of chicken, but it all depends.

Either way, I would reach out and try to see what went wrong. Do they not like the quality of the work? In any case, what you provide should be as advertised. If it isn’t, they could go to CS and try to cancel it through them, siting proof that your work is unsatisfactory. Without much information on what is going on between you and the buyer, this is all speculation. Either way, proceed with professionalism and caution.