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About seller profile and custom offers?

Please give me you valuable suggestion…
Suppose i send an offer to a buyer, the buyer rejects my offer for any reason or like report it as spam…
does this affect my profile like on rating or something else???
Thank you.

I don’t think that they should report it as spam if they have asked you to provide them with an offer. However, if you have no previous relationship with the buyer and send them an unsolicited offer then I think that that is spam. Is that what you are asking?

They only report it as spam if it IS spam usually. You can have your ability to message everyone blocked if you send spam which makes it impossible to work on orders since you can’t send anyone anything. Sending spam does not result in anyone ordering from you. It just ruins your entire account on fiverr.

If you supply a genuine offer to a buyer and then they report it as spam, this will probably not affect your account. However, if you are sending unsolicited offers to multiple users then that is spam and Fiverr may well shut you down.