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About seller protection

Hello every one,

I am a seller on Fiverr with a gig that involves programming code for websites. I usually work directly with the buyer to make the code they want/need.

Of course, this means that the buyer has the code I make for him, even before I deliver and the order is closed.

It turns out that some buyers use my code on their website and then tell me that it does not work or they do not want what I did and wish a refund. Until now I have always refunded.

Most users do indeed not want my work, and it’s fine to me.

But sometimes I check back on the sites I’ve been working on and I see that my work is running (it’s been two times since I am on Fiverr now).

The work I have refunded, so it is working afterall : the buyer just didn’t want to pay for it.

Is there something to do against that ?

Do you experience similar behavior of some buyers ?

(otherwise, the wast majority of the buyers are just great)

I was wondering the same thing. I’m a seller that sells actual goods and need to pay for delivery in order to get them to the buyers. There are indeed buyers out there that take the goods and then asks for refunds, then it’s all cost paying out of pockets from the seller. Is that how it supposed to go?

There are several forum threads with great advice on going after people who do these things, so I suggest doing a forum search such as “what to do if buyer asks for refund but is using my work” .

For the code, I would make the buyer show EXACTLY where any problem is, then if they go on to demand a refund or cancellation, remind them that since they haven’t paid anything, they have no legal right to use any code by you still in their possession, OR (this risks a negative review, which you can ask CS to help you fight) refuse the refund/cancellation because you gave the buyer exactly what your gig says you would.

For things like artwork or written text, and probably for the code, where the buyer got a refund but is still using the product, you can contact the website provider, as well as any ad owners that may be on the buyer’s site such as Google, to inform them that the buyer is using copyrighted material which they did not pay for, and that you have demanded that they cease and desist. Businesses like Google usually scare the pants off petty thieves like this, so that often works.

@nuo713 I’m very surprised to hear that you have buyers asking for a refund. I’ve sold hundreds of real goods and never had one buyer do so. Make sure your descriptions are very good, because that’s the main reason I can see for people wanting refunds on real goods: if they got something they thought was not worth what they paid because it was described as better quality than in actuality. Perhaps you can add words to the effect “Refunds will be given after returned merchandise is received by me. Return postage is not included with this gig, and any costs must be borne by buyer”