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Dear members i am member on fiverr since December 2014.I place a gig on may 11 2015 and send about 50 offers to customers but still yet i failed to received any order can any blood help about this how can get order and improve my sales

There are a few things you can be doing better…first thing is you need real portfolio samples. Your samples are all the same company.

Also, I would change your profile to leave out the part that you only have 1.5 years of graphic design experience. And write out Master Degree, as not everyone may not what means. And fix some grammar and punctuation. I see this alot in people from other countries writing in English, where people do not know how to put spaces after a period or comma or things like that.

(these are some examples where it is wrong:

design.I can design business card ,web header, web banner

typography,color ,layout & composition and shape&patterns. )


I have experience in graphic design and I can create business cards, web headers, web banners and graphics for websites. I am doing my Masters of Science degree in I.T. I have great experience of typography, color, layout & composition and shapes & patterns.

And if you have experience and some samples of Business cards and web headers/banners, why not make two more gigs, one of each of those?

Hi. I’m new to the platform but I’m also a graphic designer. I already got a few offers for my short stay on Fiverr. You can check my gigs and see if they can be in help for your needs. Read them may be improve your offers or anything. I saw your profile and you have only 1 gig. My advice for you is I think you should make a few more gigs and see how that goes. Share your gigs on some social networks. Personally I followed all the tips Fiverr gave me when I registered. I’m also following forums for people in need and offer them my help. So if you need any help or advice feel free to message me I’ll respond as fast as I can. I hope this post was helpful to you.

thank you very much digitalcuck

Reply to @digitalcuky: I request you to read my gig stuff on my profile and suggest me if there is need of some improvements.I shall be very thankful to you.

Reply to @ahmadbhatti: you need lot of improvements on in your profile English and gig’s description. also its good that use a more easy remember and professional user name.

Reply to @abidagfx: Thank you very much for providing me great tips.I shall follow these and i hope i shall get better result.

Reply to @ahmadbhatti: you are welcome. hope you will get more sales