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About Sending offers

Hi there! I am a newbie in Fiverr. I am confused on sending offers. When I click on Buyers request it shows only the ‘sellers offer’ in my list. There is no buyers offer actually. Can any one explain me the issue? thank you.

The link should be:

Basically, you’ll see a list of things people want. You hover over one and click on SEND OFFER and fill in what you’ll do and how much you’ll charge.

When you send an offer, it’ll ask you to pick a gig from your list of gigs so just pick the closest related one or make a new related gig.

Then your category is heavily spammed with sellers posting their GiGs. Just be patient and you will see buyers request too.

Thank you Taverr. Nice to hear from you. Your suggestions are very useful. I often read your write ups in forum. Thanks!

Thank you Vigasan. It was useful.

Hi, ranishabana ,

There is a option which name is " Send Offer ". You should use it to send your offer to desired buyer. But note that, many newbie seller write about their services in here or you’'ll find many span request. So send your offer carefully to actual buyer. And write something important and prices when send offer.

@ranishabana, I checked your GIGs. I also have experienced the same with these photo editing stuff. Most of them are spams posted by the sellers. If you have any other talents try some new GIGs with other categories also. It will be helpful for you.