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About setting in personal information

I really want to add ASL (American Sign Language) In the Language selection-. Since that’s my first language. English are my second. I’m deaf artist as well : ) Thank you for take a time to read it!


How would you communicate in ASL on Fiverr? ASL is a visual language – Fiverr communication must be typed, and remain on the order communication page.


Many users complain that they see Skyp-e gigs plus gigs that teaches you any skill end up using live videos. fiverr also has video section for TRS but i don’t know if it’s still there.
In testimonial videos i am sure you will be able to use this skill.


Hello, I can understand why you would want to do that.
However ASL isn’t used much, or at all, on fiverr for obvious reasons.
It’s for speaking in person, or could be used on something like Skye.

I think it would confuse most fiverr users to have that listed as your first language. It’s probably best to leave it out. It won’t help sales to have something as your first language that most fiverr buyers don’t know what it is, and won’t be using to communicate with you here.

I just try to contact with CS and asked them is skye lessons against ToS.
I searched “lesson” gig and found a lot of different level (0,1,2,TRS) seller sells their skye gig.
One of them level2 seller and had 199 5 star review.

If it’s not against ToS i also want to create a gig with it ( :

I would ask customer support about this.

I hope they wont remove all of them.
I found a lady teaches voice performing privately.
You have to see her gig video, it’s very impressive.

(edit*: forgot to mention, this came from CS)

Hi there,

I would be glad to answer your inquiry.

It is against our Terms of Services to provide or request contact information from other Fiverr users.

However, if the buyer’s personal contact information is necessary for you to complete your Gig (such as a ■■■■■ Gig for online lessons) , please mention this in your Gig title (if possible), Gig description, and in your order requirements. Please advise your buyers to only submit the required information, and to only send this information via the order page.

Please also note that not all Gigs that require an exchange of personal contact information are accepted by our content editors. Here is an example of a ■■■■■-related Gig that was approved by our editors:■■■■■-chat-about-your-app

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Yes, Fiverr does have some accessibility issues. It would be useful to have a built in video messaging service, like some other platforms … you might suggest that to CS, if you feel like it.

ASL - or BSL for that matter! - would be a useful addition to your language base. The only way I can think of to highlight it is an ASL transcript gig - buyer uploads a video, you transcribe it to text. Or the other way around.

11 million deaf people in the UK alone … and you’d be surprised how many people have a smattering of BSL here. #1 daughter always puts it on her CV and tends to be preferred for it, all else being equal. She even set up a BSL course in her last job to help her colleagues communicate with a new starter who was deaf. It was a great success.

Anyway, good luck with this, @watolf - contact CS, ask about accessibility … and see what they say.

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