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About shortening or removing the clearance time depending on the buyer

I think there could be an option where the buyer can check to send the money to the seller without having to wait for two weeks. I mean, 15 days is a pretty long time to wait for getting paid. It’s for the “refunds” but if you had an approval for the transaction for the buyer to check if the order was okay and they are done with it.

I mean if I need money this week, I’ll only be receiving the money two weeks later. That’s not very conventional in my opinion.

That’s why you don’t just stick to a single source of income.

If you don’t have savings and always need money right away, I recommend trying to find additional sources of income. This way you don’t have to worry about Fiverr’s clearance.

You can get a faster clearance time if you are a top rated seller. But other than that, I am sure they will not budge. Granted, not all buyers are fraudulent, but some of them are, so they are just protecting yourself, while also protecting you too.

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Did you ever work on a “regular” job, like office, day job in real world? You work for 30 days and you get your salary next month after 15th.

It nothing strange.

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Well I worked a lot but this is NOT how freelancing works. If the site should be working this way, then the payment should be in a single day of choice. Freelancing is different and normal work is different.

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Well, not all of us are able to find jobs in our residence countries. It’s not easy to find a job like you’re saying.

I’m not saying it should be removed in every order but depending on the buyer who’s content with their order.

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That is not what he meant.

Use more sites that offer sharing your advertisement of your services, create landing page, make everyday blog and post on FB, IG, TW about your work, create content people will be interested and by doing that get clients.


I don’t mean locally. There are many ways to make money online just like Fiverr. I agree, the revenue can be rather unstable, and the pandemic made things worse for a lot of people here. There are way more sellers, so less chances to get sales.

Pretty sure normal work gets you paid once or maximum 2 times per month. Which is 15 days. Fiverr does the same, more or less.