About social media promoting


Hi! I’m pretty new here. I got my first few orders, doing my best to please my buyers :smiley:
I see everyone around here is encouraging social media promoting for gigs, and recommend Facebook because it’s the biggest platform.
My question is, for a guy that translates and proofreads/edits things, where should I promote my gigs? I personally think that posting my gig on my timeline on Facebook will only get “Haha” reacts from my friends. Not all of us try to make money at our age and most of them find it funny so I’d have no target audience. What groups should I try? How do you promote through other platforms?


I do not think promoting gig works.


That’s the question.Promoting on social media isn’t that easy :thinking: .I did not get any answer yet that would work.Let’s see what social media marketing experts say :smiley:


Don’t try promoting your gig/s using your timeline - create an FB business page purely for your gig or gigs. :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:

Have you tried it? :wink:


And how does it reach to people? I’m not able to promote it with money. Most of the Fiverr groups on FB are for exchanging favs. :frowning:


I’m not talking about groups - I don’t go anywhere near them.

Post useful stuff on your FB page, find relevant pages to contribute to with comments, and you’ll get traffic to your page organically. No need to pay for promotion - just use your time wisely! :sunny:


Once upon a time I have tired it :slight_smile: When I share my gig, my friends ask for free work :smiley: But surely it depends on who shares, where to share?


:rofl: Why share with your friends? Are they your target market?

Marketing only works if you can find the people who will want to buy from you.


There was no other place. + I hate social media :smiley: I closed all of my accounts in 2015 :smiley:


I believe that helps my profile to gain a lot of views impression and sometimes more order.( I tried)
But for most demanding gigs(logo,business card,website) this promotion helps them to boost their sales.