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About Source Files: Is It a Printable Necessity?

Hello there! I am new to Fiverr and the Fiverr Forum! I have a current listing for Creating Poetry and have a few layouts for Printables ready to post! My only hesitation/concern is that I don’t think I will be able to offer a source file for my works as I create them in a very limited and innovative way. I am wondering, is this a necessity? I noticed often lower priced “packages” do not include them, whereas the most expensive “package” does…I also see that it can be supplied for an additional fee. I’m worried not providing this option will limit this business venture for me, which is unfortunate because I love creating Post Cards, Brochures, Business Cards, etc! Thanks in advance for the advice, all!


Source files aren’t mandatory, but they can be a good add-on for specific services.

For example, for logo design and business card design, a buyer might want a source file in case they want to make small edits. Like if they want to try out a few different colors or add on their names (which they don’t want the seller to know), they could do that on the source file.

I’m not sure if this would really be useful for poetry, but if you can’t provide it, then don’t add it. If you can give the source file, I would recommend adding it on as an extra because it’s an opportunity for some extra money. I hope this helps!


Thank you very much! A well-thought out and insightful response. I’m just happy to know it won’t “make or break” my gig, per-se. Very much appreciated, happy selling!! :blush: :+1: