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About SPAM messages


So I’m receiving every day a few spam images like - ‘hello, how are you?’ … ‘Hello, give me work’ and so on…(quite annoying)

If I don’t reply and straight block them, does this affect my answer rating?


Theoretically Fiverr puts out a little disclaimer that says you won’t be affected if you just report spam without responding. That said, some people have been affected. If this ever happens to you and it’s absolutely over spam, Fiverr will reset your response rate upon request. Personally, I don’t like having ask Support to reset mine so I do respond to every message even if I have to unmark it as spam, write the word “report” and re-mark it as spam. It only takes a fraction of a second so I just think of it as a slight inconvenience given that most of my messages are valid.


Thank you for your reply, will listen to your advice