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About temporary stopping a gig


I have some gigs that have rated and have several orders per day.But I want to go out for 2,3 days and I cannot use internet within this time.Then I will not able to log to the Fiverr during this time.

What should I do? can I temporary stop my gigs and after I activated again will that gig holds previous rating and previous place in search result…Please help me …


Sure you can head off to your gigs tab in Mission control click edit then suspend

Everything will be as it was when you re activate it !

As you can see in my image below I have a suspended gig already :slight_smile: Hope this helps


Yeah you can suspend a gig, so you will not receive any more orders on that gig until you reactivate it. I have to do this a lot because I just get overwhelmed and busy.

And madmoo is right. Just make sure you still complete the orders that were ordered before you suspended the gig.

You keep the same ratings and everything, so don’t worry about that.


Thank you very much all of you…I have learnt many things from all of you…I am a level 1 seller now because of all of you…I learnt many things in this forum… =(( @};-