About temporary suspending a gig


Hi,I want to suspend my gig temporary for 2 week…But I have deliver more than 10 gigs and buyers did not accept their orders yet(not completed)…What happened to those delivered orders if I suspend my gig…can they send messages to me and accept their order…


I would suggest extending your delivery times. You can extend to up to 29 days (I think), which will give you time when you get back. I’m not sure how that works for those who have ordered but not added the instructions - you might want to talk to Customer Support about that. If it doesn’t change their orders then follow what madmoo has suggested.


Dear madame madmoo,

I am telling about the delivered gigs(but customers did not accept yet) after I complete work…IS there any problem for that orders when I suspend my gig.Can buyers accept their give a feedback after I suspend my gig …


Yes, buyers can still give you feedback on an order you delivered when that gig is suspended. You are suspending the gig, not the order.

However, you can’t force anyone to leave feedback, but I would ask them nicely that if they like your work to please give you a thumbs up.

Sometimes buyers don’t click the order completed button. After a few days, fiverr automatically completes the order if the buyer didn’t come back to do it themselves.

Don’t worry about that. Once you deliver your gig, the ball is in the buyer’s court and if they choose not to take action or come back to get the work you delivered, you are not responsible for your buyer’s actions. :slight_smile:


thank you all of you…

I need to know one thing…Today I got a order from my customer and he has sent his skype name with his information.does it harm to me?.I worn my customer about sharing personal information.


thanks madam