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About the buyer request

i see lots of request daily more then 100. but not even single request is related to my gig. :smirk::disappointed_relieved::cry:
why this is happening?


same here. this is depends on potensial of such gigs related industory

but i have wordpress gigs and have no request of wordpress

I hardly see 10 buyer request and all are relevant to my gigs.

Your headline, that is automatically generated by Fiverr based on the categories of your Gigs, says “zantasha_liaqat | WordPress, Support & IT, Web Programming”.

Three of your Gigs are actually under “Wordpress”, one (“install ssl certificate”) under “Support & IT” and one (“psd to HTML”) under “Web Programming”, which is anyway correct.

Given that the Buyer Request tool is not a masterpiece of precision, it’s possible that you see a lot of “Support & IT” and “Web Programming” requests. Try to see what happens when you pause the “ssl” and the “psd” Gigs.


ok thanks allot
i will postpone those gigs lets see may be it works

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Plus I am getting no orders and messages in these days. Whats going on?

What @pacquo said might work. Or, filter requests by category, that should let you look for wordpress requests.

Keep in mind that some buyers are weird, though, and the request is in the category where the buyer places it. I’ve seen requests for logo design in the writing category.


Update your tags also make sure the metadata are checked according to your gigs services.
Meta data means ,when you creating a gig,it shows to check mark some services related to your gig,