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Hello, I saw today that Pro got Voice over category " Pro Voice Over Service". Does anyone know how they chose actors? I signed up for this category year ago, but I saw that none with my country is a pro VO.


hi guys,
i am applied for Fiverr Pro one week ago.
but fiverr don’t replay about any status.
now, what can i do?
applied once again or not?


I applied last year, and still no answer. I’ve been on Fiverr since 2012, Level Two Seller, already have all TRS requirements, and nothing. I think that you need to be some kind of “social” VO actor, since when you apply they ask for social media accounts and personal website. Maybe they’re looking for people who (obviously) would bring traffic to their site, not much as someone who would offer real professional services. At least that’s what I believe.