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Hi fiverr,

I have a question. when a buyer orders your extra gig example $20 plus the regular gig of $5. Should the Total be 25$ or 20$ in your status? my display says its 20$. or maybe they minus the 5$ automatically?


Reply to @lisha5684: Yes, the buyer ordered worth 20$ so he saved 5$ for the gig. That was my first experience someone ordered my gig extras. So I did not care to notice if the buyers payment was correct. at that time I was thinking maybe fiverr automatically minus my 20% cut. anyways, charge to experience. No prob. =)


its like this. my gig is 5$ plus extra 20$ so the total should be 25$ right? when the buyer ordered the gig extra. its automatically 20$ in my seller(manage sales). so, when my gig was completed then check my revenue page its 16$. A total of 9$ cut off. why is it?


They take off their cut :wink:


I checked the revenue page and it’s just only 1 line(16$). no original 5$ line.


Reply to @madmoo: You did…


Thanks for your help. I will contact the support team.


It sounds like the buyer ordered four original gigs. In that case it would say $20 while you’re working on it, but once its complete, in the revenue area, it would say $16.

If the buyer purchased your gig extra, you should definitely have a profit of $20. See what CS says.


Reply to @musiclover: Your right. the buyer ordered a total of 4 gigs. thats why its 16$


The term Gig Extras IMHO is very confusing, especially to newbies. They’re always mistakenly understood as ‘extra gigs’. They should’ve named as Gig Add-ons or something ;))




great job musiclover

Yeah, on your manage sales page, it will show the total amount made for the gig, not the total amount YOU get for the gig. So if they buyer paid for $25, it will show $25. If they paid for 4 gigs (multiples) it will say “$20( and then in small letters underneath) for 4 orders”.

The only thing that shows the deducted amount is the estimated current revenues (and the revenues page)

If your order page or your manage sales section is showing $16, that doesn’t make sense because it should be a round number, multiple of 5 ($20 or $25), so in that case you should contact support about it:


For one thing, it seems your buyer definitely only ordered $20 worth of services, not $25.