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About the gig video ?!


I decided to add a video to one of my gigs, but when I did that it says video is processing and it may takes up to 24 hours … should I keep the window of the uploading video opened for 24 hours ?

how can I close the window but keep the video processing ?!



no you can close the window…it will process on their server side


Reply to @davidlustrup: should I click on “save & continue” then close the window or what?


Reply to @kjblynx: but when I clicked on save & continue and then re-opened the “edit gig” page I can’t find that video is processing with the loading sign

why ?


Reply to @kjblynx: Aha, but I uploaded a video first and then click on save and continue, after that I make some editing on it and re upload it again

which one they will submit ?!