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About the happeness


hi communitu
firstly i’m really happy to join in this great plateform.
secondly I am eager to challenge you and exchange views with you because I believe in the principle of brotherhood and peace as a Muslim member


Just keep in mind that the Fiverr forums are not the place to discuss religion or your personal faith beliefs. We are all buyers and sellers here – from all over the world. There are other places to discuss the more weighty topics like faith and politics.


yes you re tzaly about that
i can’t forget that


Hi @aitwachtouk. Welcome to Fiverr.
We all are human beings. We need to respect every religion.
Work hand. Good Luck :slight_smile:
There is a small request from you. I have gone through your profile. The gig of make Arabic song with names is really nice. If you can add a video with song (not just a image) would be great. It will help you.



I wonder what he means with “you’re tzaly


I am pretty much sure that’s a typing error.