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About the low rating


Hey everyone.I had my first order about a week ago and got only 3 stars. He didn’t respond to my messages and didn’t even asked for revisions.Well it is gone now and justifying myself is useless. I’m just asking won’t I get orders because of that.It is true that some people stay for months to get orders. So I’m not asking your predictions but your views and opinions or what should I do.I get considerable views in average and it keeps me hesitating if that review has affected the most. Thank you =)


I’ll suggest you get someone to buy your gig’s, rate you 5,I guess that settles it.


There is no way whatsoever that you will make a sale on Fiverr with 3-star rating, unless it is to someone you know already (which is okay).

The easiest, quickest way forward for you is to 1.) close your account and 2.) open a new one. Don’t do step 2 without first doing step 1, because it would be a TOS violation.

With so little invested, there is no reason not to simply begin again.


Pretty sure that doing so is majorly against Fiverr TOS


Just try using the Buyers Request section. There are ways in which you can recover from this, you just have to work a little harder now to do it. Find someone you know who wants to buy a gig, and ask them to review it afterward. They know you, so chances are, they’ll review you favorably.


It can be a long way back from where you are, but it is not impossible. The advice given here already is great. You have to work hard at building your business on Fiverr.


Thank you… Then I’ll do so.