About the percent fiverr takes from us! Is it too much? đź’°


Fiverr get too much from our sales, whole $20.00 dollars from my $100 order?! It should be no more than $5 or I lose much! They are almost “stealing” our hard work money. Plus they have an order purchased every 5 seconds (I saw that information from here):


Here is a screenshot:


No matter if that gets flagged for me, I am telling the truth. I am telling what hurts me from Fiverr.

Do you agree with the percent Fiverr gets from you?

Mod Note: For clarity, the poll is asking:

Agree = The current 20% Commission is okay with you
Disagree = Fiverr should not charge 20% all the time but should have other options

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  • Disagree

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New processing fee increase
New processing fee increase

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Note that if you want to discuss buyer PROCESSING FEES do that over here: New processing fee increase

If you want to discuss or vote on the long-time issue of COMMISSIONS paid by sellers discuss that here:


I love paying Fiverr’s 20% commission, so much so that I wrote a Fiverr blog post about it. You might want to read that blog post for a slightly different perspective.


Fiverr decided their FEE As you do decide your gig Fee. Like - buyers do visit at your gig and they feels, your gig cost is high. Normally they don’t buy your gig and move to some other sellers. So If you are also feeling Fiverr charging a High Fee to you, feel free to find work somewhere else…fiverr do not forcing you to live here.


I hate other platforms, I love Fiverr! But I would be much more pleased if fiverr don’t gets more than $5, I mean:

$5 - $25, fiverr gets 20%

$25 and more, fiverr gets no more than $5.

That was my original idea, which was deleted by mods from my post.


i totally agree. few days ago i got an order of 140$ and all i got was 112$. this is just too much. but still i love fiverr :wink:


Forum Members can’t do anything or Change the Fee!!

You’re saying fiverr is thief indirectly and stealing money to your hard work!! This is Very BAD. - After all you’re earning from fiverr!!

If you’re feeling the Fiverr Fee is High enough. Why don’t you create a ticket at Fiverr Customer Support and Fiverr CEO. :smile: :wink:


Great article, Paul! I agree that the 20% is worth the time saved on other activities. I also love The order delivery system and the order countdown! Keeps me on track! I even love the statistics, because they keepe accountable. I don’t always agree with the implementation but for the most part I’m very satisfied.


Also my suggestion to users who feel Fiverr are taking too much from your price - raise your gig prices until you are making what you feel is fair. You’ll have to work hard to be good enough to be worth it, but I believe in you :grin:


Remember that if you don’t get order, you don’t pay anything at all. And it is buyers money not yours. If you think it is unfair, raise your prices.

If you want to get $100 from order, raise price to $125


If you want $100, make the order as 125! so you will get $100, just remember, if there is no site like fiverr you even not earn $1 :wink: Personally I’m happy to pay that much of commission. Because there are people working on fiverr to make fiverr a better place for both buyers and sellers. so fiverr need to pay them a sal as well :grinning:


Sorry but you’re wrong here - That’s the seller money - Because When the seller do get order - That price shown full and They get 80% only after complete the order. That means - It’s seller money not the Buyer money. Even many buyers don’t know about, Whatever they are paying for seller. Seller will do get only 80% of their paid money.!!


Seller money isn’t seller money till order is cleared. So 80% comes from buyers money.

When you work anywhere in the world, you don’t get full amount of paycheck. You get much less than that when all fees are applied.

Consider it like this. $100 is brutto paycheck, and $80 is netto


Yeah… But That’s seller money Because If Seller do say in Gig cost 125$. That means He’s working cost is 125$. Buyer do always think, He’s paying 125$ for that service. Read the Fiverr TOS in commission fee!! you’ll get understand!!

If seller will not work or complete that job. Buyer will do get 125$ refund… That means - He had paid full money for seller work. No matter how much commission paid by seller.

Seller will do complete the job by their hard-work. Seller and fiverr both will get earn. If seller refuse to do that job. Fiverr will not earn. That’s clearly define - That’s seller money paid as fiverr commission FEE.


I’m not super happy with the commission system, but it’s not the worst I’ve worked with.

I really think they should model their system after Upwork. That’s probably one of the best freelance sites I’ve worked on. They do a tier system that gives incentives to build a returning client base. Commission percentages are based on your client relationship and earnings instead of site-wide. If I remember correctly there’s three tiers: Up to $1,000 is 20%, $1,001 to $5,001 is 15% and above $5,001 is 10%. Even if it’s not client based and dependent on overall earnings, I think this would be a great way to update the system.

20% flat is a bit heavy-handed and it needs refining to take into account the plethora of sellers they have on here.


My opinion is for a minimum order it should be 20% and over than $5 orders, Fiverr fees need to reduce continously. (Eg. $50 or more -15%, $ 200 or more -10%


either way, all of you sellers are here because of " something " that can be gained. If it wasnt for fiverr ( with cuts), we wont have anything at all.

So be happy with what you get!



You are looking at it from the wrong perspective:

You are not losing 20% of your money.

You are getting 80% of a sale you wouldn’t make without Fiverr.

(Plus paying a cut for the tools/marketing/maintenance/support/hosting and all the other things you are getting here)

People who complain about Fiverr’s cut are people who haven’t started their own business.

As soon as you figure out you will be making 1%-5% when you take out what you need to spend on ads and brand awareness -not to mention the actual cost of building your website- you will start seeing things differently here.

Sometimes a change in perspective will make you happier. Because right now it seems like you are unhappy with something you can’t change.


I voted for the wrong option in the poll, but honestly, I don’t think it’s too bad. 20% is pretty average for online marketplaces for freelancers, and Fiverr does a lot for us that we would have to do if it wasn’t for this website.

It’s a well-known market place that brings buyers to us, for one thing. Yes we may have to market ourselves occasionally to make sure our gigs remain at the top of their game, but it’s the same everywhere. Sometimes, people do stumble upon you by chance, and you earn money that you wouldn’t for Fiverr.

I understand your frustration, though. I recently completed a $125 order, and received $100 from Fiverr. By the time you take exchange rates and Paypal funds into account, it’s not the biggest fund.

That $125 would have been a lot harder to earn outside of this website, though, where you have to cold pitch and network and so on, depending on which freelancing niche you’re in.